Hello. It’s been a minute. I’m so infatuated about how time is aligned with the divine.. DJ scratch The musical & rap loving one is back. Happy February. How’s 2017 been? Pretty good yeah? The land is green out here in Nigeria.


I was out for so long because I forgot, a few things like, why I blog, why I enjoyed it & pro-futurising – procrastination. These things happened. I step out today. 

This year for me is majorly dedicated to Re-discovering God – which I will blog about. I’ll talk about Music, sprinkled with some Poetry & other ideas that come along. The plan is to put up at least four posts monthly. 

Does this Post’s title ring a bell? SISTER’S ACT 2. It’s one of my best movies ever! If you’re new to this spot, Welcome. And Thank you to everyone who stayed through the downtime.



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