Fear Not..

Fear Not, Fear Nut, Fear Nawt. Fear Nut, Fear Not, Fear kNot, Fear Nawt, Fear Naught, Fear Not. Fear kNot, Fear Nawt, Fear Naught, Fear Nut, Fear Not. It’s still present. With claws around her arms, they can’t reach. Fists in her chest, weaknees on her legs, soul in slouch. Her mind’s culture, disrupted by this Perfect … More Fear Not..

Untitled 1.

Creator’s daily sets are breathtaking. Earlier I saw the Sky’s blue tunic begin to embrace dusk. How the clouds cradled the Sun just right. Revealing a large triangular ray of light. How a soda bottle danced back & forth on the high way at Jack or Jill’s request. How the thirst of a man’s Spirit can’t … More Untitled 1.